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Brazil Fly Fishing Trips and Lodges

In the thousands of tributaries of the Amazon River grow some of the most exotic and ferocious fish on earth. From the Dracula-toothed payara to the huge "tarpon of the Amazon", the pirarucu, the gamefish of the Amazon are a nasty bunch. Visiting anglers can count on catching these and lots of other colorful species, but the reason most anglers come to the Amazon Basin is the legendary peacock bass... There are three species of peacock bass present in the waters of Brazil: the butterfly or borboleta, the spotted or paca and the temensis or acu. The Butterfly peacock averages 4-5 pounds, are easily caught and provide the "quantity" between chances at the prime time players, the Paca grow up to 20 pounds and the Temensis peacocks which grow up to 25 lbs. These apex predators are an absolute thrill on a fly rod.